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2019 Madera District Fair - Online Entries

Please read these instructions completely before creating entries
Before continuing please print this page to use as a reference.
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If you have not received a copy of the Exhibitor's Handbook, please visit our website (www.maderafair.com) to download a copy. The Exhibitors Handbook contains all of the rules and regulations for each division as well as specific instructions for entering your items. Please review this material before creating entries.

Livestock Divisions, Ag Mechanics and Garden entries will not be accepted online. Your entry may be mailed to or dropped off at the Fair Office. Please refer to the Exhibitors Handbook for more information.

Steps to Create Entries –

Step 1 - Register –

-- Click “Register (Step 1 above)” on the menu above.
-- Choose type “an Exhibitor”.
-- Choose “I am a new exhibitor” if you have not registered yet. The next screen will be for user registration. Fill in all of the required information including your email address. You will need to create a password and then retype that password. This is a password that YOU create.
-- Or choose “I am already registered” if you already have a username and password
-- Please use your First and Middle name in “first”.

-- Once all of your contact information has been entered, select 'Continue'.

Step 2 - Create Entries –

-- Once you have logged-on, you will be presented with the option to “Create Entries”.
-- To create an entry, you must select a department from the drop-down list.
    (select "All Departments" to see a numerical listing of Divisions")
-- Next, select the division that you would like to enter.
On the next screen you will select the class you would like to enter. Make sure to provide a description if you see “specify” in the class description.
-- Select “Add Entry to Cart” to save this entry
-- If you would like to create another entry, select “Add different entry” for a new division, or “Add similar entry” to add another entry in the same division as your last entry.
-- Once you are done creating entries, select “Continue” and then “Checkout”.

Tips –

If you use a spam filter on your email account, please make sure to add entries@maderafair.com to your "friends" or "white list." Otherwise, your confirmation email may not be delivered correctly. It may be necessary to have your internet service provider make this change.

The bold items are required. If you leave a field empty or fill it out incorrectly, a warning will appear. Follow the directions to correct the problem.

Name and information will appear exactly as you type them. Please carefully check all information before submitting your entries.

Please double check all of your information to make sure that it is correct. Incorrect information may affect the Fair's ability to contact you and/or issue premium checks at the end of the show.

You do not have to enter all of you items in one session. If you would like to enter more items at a later date, just visit this site again, and login using your existing username and password.

Select "SAVE CART" to store your entries frequently. The server will remove your cart after 20 minutes of inactivity if you do not "SAVE CART".

If you have any questions about the online entry system,
please email us at entries@maderafair.com or call 559-674-8511